Fields of Application

Design Reviews

Evaluate and experience your prototypes in XR, like you would in real live. Physical models are not only expensive, time consuming and are lacking in sustainability, usually they are already outdated by the time they are finished.

Our XR solution enables your team comparing a multitude of variations with almost no effort. Discuss, comment and store your sessions’ results. HCC provides various functions, supporting your review sessions without the need of programming skills.


With HCC, engineers, decision-makers and clients can evaluate machines or complete plant layouts together. Get your clients involved in the process of creation, no matter if they are together with you at the same place, or if they join the session from some place elsewhere. HCC can be a valuable tool for validating important decisions.

From design to training and maintenance, HCC can improve the whole process of engineering.


Researches have been showing learning in XR is effective as in real life, but XR Trainings have several advantages over real trainings:


• Controlled and absolutely save environment
• Perfectly customizable for training scenarios
• Can be used anywhere at any time
• Gamification scenarios are engaging better learning

By using HCC, you can either be an active part in training situations, or you can remotely guide your staff and clients e.g. in maintenance scenarios.


Plans, renderings and physical models are essential parts in the communication between architects, planners and clients. But false decisions and miscommunication are happening in almost any project, which is affecting deadlines and costs.


With HCC you are able to:

• experience and validate view relations, motion paths and spaces
• experiment with different lighting conditons and moods
• compare various materials and furniture

All of this, just like it would have been already built. It does not only help designers, but with HCC you can involve your clients, or even committees of decision-makers.