Holodeck Control Center

References Enterprises that already use our HCC Software

The communication software HCC, created by LIGHTSHAPE, enables the collaborative work of multiple users. For this, basic consumer hardware like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive can be used, but as shown in several cases, professional tracking systems or VR-headsets may as well. The professional hardware allows more users to join, bigger tracking areas, higher graphical quality and many more options.


Part of the system is a monitoring computer, which manages the user units and can take control of all basic functions, like loading and unloading of various models, assigning of users, and much more. Interactions can either be executed by the control computer, or by the respective users in VR. The interactions include functions like various different cut surfaces, transformation, documentation and more. With this, a whole team of users in one physical room can communicate in VR and examine virtual models.

Furthermore, more VR headsets and Holodecks can connect from all over the world. All users are located within the same virtual space and discuss their respective problems on the 3D model in question at hand. This way, complicated situations can be expressed and evaluated, completely independent from physical restrictions. The XR system is especially easy to use, even for users without previous experience with the system. An easy start for the VR setups, as well as guidance into a session, is essential to people under pressure from time constrains and who might have no prior technological knowledge to participate in sessions and decide on solutions.

Audi - Ingolstadt

With the VR Holodeck, we obtain a realistic impression of the proportions of our future models. This enables us to make important decisions faster.

Dr. Ing. Martin H. Rademacher
Data Control Model / Dimensional Management Audi

IAV - Gifhorn

Virtuplex - Prague

„We became one of the fastest growing VR comapany in Czech Republic also thanks to Lightshape's HCC solution. The features of the system are suitable for various use cases such as design iterations, product presentation or even basic environments."